Women's Committee

Our Mission and Vision

Many issues continue to impact and affect women, including wage discrimination, sexual harassment and violence, as well as the child care crisis.

Our committee works to:

  • Examine all issues affecting women members in their union, work, home and community lives., Evaluate the Constitution and policies of SGEU and make recommendations to enable women to participate more fully in Union activities.
  • Liaise with other women's organizations locally, nationally and internationally to offer necessary assistance to them and to promote women's trade union issues in those organizations.
  • Provide consultation, advocacy and assistance to women in SGEU, in achieving and maintaining their rights within the Union and in society at large, Liaison with appropriate committees of the Provincial Council as required.

Committee Members

Tanya Turner, Education Sector, Chair
Jackie Currah, Crown Sector, Vice-chair
Lynne Guick, Community Services Sector
Theresa Evans, Health Sector
Muna DeCiman, Public Service Sector
Sherry Sproule, Retail & Regulatory Sector
Hali Topinka, HR/E

Carolyn Rebeyka, Staff Advisor
Paullette Biesenthal, Administrative Assistant

Bread and Roses Past Winners

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