FAIR (Fostering Acceptance of Indigenous Rights) Committee

Our Mission and Vision

  • To support and advocate for First Nations, Inuit and Metis (FNIM) SGEU members in the workplace and to ensure the emotional, mental, and physical well-being of FNIM SGEU members
  • To represent the interests of FNIM SGEU members
  • To develop and promote anti-racist policies, provide education and programs for use internally and/or externally.
  • To collaborate with FNIM organizations on behalf of SGEU
  • To promote related areas of the SGEU Strategic Plan

FAIR Committee Objectives:

  • Promote anti-racism education in the workplace (employer and union) and within union leadership.
  • Ensure that every available avenue and job opportunity is open to all FNIM members by promoting such options as SGEU negotiating mandatory, and properly funded, Employment Equity plans.
  • Act as a resource to approved organizing initiatives to bring FNIM workers into SGEU.
  • Develop long term plans to ensure FNIM representation in SGEU through the establishment of an Aboriginal Sector in the union.
  • Actively ensure that all racial incidents concerning FNIM members are positively addressed through the co-operation of the FAIR Committee and other internal SGEU structures.
  • Reach out to FNIM SGEU members and co-operate with other organizations committed to racial equality.
  • Support and promote the Representative Workforce for Aboriginal Workers Strategy.
  • Promote SGEU principles in our communities and workplaces

Committee Members

Sheena Yew, Education Sector, Chair
Andy Cook, Public Service Sector
Jocelyn Hargreaves, Crown Sector
Ryan Favel, Health Sector
Darryl Firth, Community Services Sector
Echo Stringer, Retail & Regulatory Sector
Corey Linfit, Human Rights and Equity Seat
Stephanie Campbell, Staff Advisor

FAIR Membership Criteria:

Members must have:

  • Aboriginal ancestry
  • Awareness and understanding of Aboriginal issues
  • Knowledge of union principles would be an asset
  • Union membership in good standing for one year

Committee Composition, where possible:

  • Gender parity
  • North/South representation
  • Urban/Rural representation
  • Chairperson elected internally

Committee Structure:

  • 6 = One member elected from each of the (6) SGEU Sectors
  • 1 = One Provincial Council member
  • 1 = One equity member from any Sector elected at the Biennial Equity Conference
  • 8 = Total size
  • Term for FAIR Committee Members = two years

Term for FAIR Committee Members

  • Each member is elected for a two-year term


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