Education and Publicity Committee

Our Mission and Vision

Be responsible for the education of the members in the principles, policies and practices of the Union, and shall provide training courses through the Education Officer of SGEU for all elected members.

Arrange for publicity of Union affairs and programs.

Consult with the Communication Officer in matters of policy and operation of the Union publications.

In consultation with bargaining committees/sectors, prepare and maintain a Strike Manual, outlining procedures to be followed in the event of a strike by one of the Union’s bargaining units. The Strike Manual will be reviewed annually within 90 days of the close of Convention.

Education Operation Guidelines

Committee Members

Carol Yuzik, Human Rights and Equity Committee, Chair
Bonnie Bond, Education Sector,
Sabrina Cataldo, Crown Sector
Sharri Laczko, Health Sector
Susan Wasnik, Retail & Regulatory Sector
Vacant, Community Services Sector
Candace Wouter, Public Service Sector
Dipa Bharadwaj, Staff Advisor